About Us

Eye of the World Team comprises a group of highly qualified ophthalmologists who have dedicated a significant part of their time and energy to humanitarian work. Since 2017, our headquarters have been based in Dubai, and we are a member of the Dubai International Humanitarian City. Eye of the World Team works as a technical partner to humanitarian organizations that work towards combating blindness by conducting cataract surgical camps in underprivileged regions across the globe.

Our Vision

Taking Combating blindness efforts to new heights of quality

Our Mission

Being the skilled hands of NGOs in combating blindness, ensuring high quality, advanced technologies, and safe medical practice regardless of where the camp is implemented and its infrastructure.
About Us


Our commitment is to extend the reach of healing hands to those suffering from treatable blindness, fostering a global brighter future. Through collaboration, innovation, and compassion, we envision a world where eye surgical camps not only restore sight but also uplift the human spirit.