Team Concept

The team works as a technical partner to humanitarian organizations that work towards combating blindness by conducting cataract surgical camps in underprivileged regions across the globe. With the use of the Phaco emulsification technique – a more advanced and safer method than the traditional ECCE and SICS techniques – we are taking eye care to a whole new level.

At Eye of the World, we’re driven by a passion for making a meaningful impact in the world. Our approach to serving communities in need through eye surgical camps is guided by a clear set of principles and a well-defined process.

We partner with NGOs and humanitarian organizations that share our vision and values.

Our dedicated team of ophthalmologists, medical staff, and support personnel precisely plan each surgical camp. We ensure that all necessary equipment, supplies, and logistics are in place for a seamless operation.

We actively engage with the local communities to build trust, raise awareness, and ensure that individuals in need are aware of our services.

The heart of our work lies in conducting eye surgical camps. These camps are designed to reach the most vulnerable populations, offering eye surgeries to those who don’t have access to essential care.

In addition to immediate relief, we work towards sustainability by training local healthcare providers and building capacity within communities to maintain eye health initiatives.